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Advice Ask crocoPuffs: August 26, 2005
Soundboards, Potter, rock, and retards.

Is there a website that has a lot of different soundboards?

- Paul Megahy, 18, Antrim

Yes, there are a bunch.  Here's one.  Here's another.  And here's a third.  That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are dozens of soundboard sites.

I was wondering if you've read the Harry Potter series ...  If you have, what's your opinion on them?

- Terry, 15, Buffalo/NY/USA

Hell yes, I think they're great.  I've read all six books, and I'm happy to say I was reading them long before they became trendy and popular.  The first book, Sorcerer's Stone, was brilliant.  It was a whole new world she created with those characters and locations and creatures and magical objects.  I don't know anybody who read that first book and didn't want more.  The second book, Chamber of Secrets, is not my favorite.  It's not as inspired as some of the other books, but still entertaining.  Ironically, of the filmed versions, Chamber of Secrets has been my favorite movie so far.  The third book, Prisoner of Azkaban, Was better than the second, not as good as the first.  The fourth book, Goblet of Fire, is the undisputed champion of the series.  It is the masterpiece that made reading the first three worthwhile.  I probably don't have to say that I'm anxiously awaiting the film version of it.  The fifth book, Order of the Phoenix, was very good.  It's on the same level as book three, which is to say, not as good as the first or fourth, and better than the second.  The sixth book, Half Blood Prince, which released this summer, is a strange entry in the series.  It doesn't really stand alone as a story on its own terms, it seems only to serve as the setup for the seventh, and final, book.  So I can't really say if I liked it or not at this point.  I feel like I've only read half a book and now must wait for the second half.

"If you want to ask me about specific genres, I can point you to the good stuff and steer you away from the suckiness."  I've basically listened to rock my whole life, and country, but only because my parents listened to country, doesn't mean I like it though.  Since I love rock music, tell me what you like in the genre of rock, spill the beans yo!

- Ryan, 15, Derby, Kansas

I hate to do this to you but "rock music" is way too broad.  Are you talking metal, grunge, 50s-60s rock, hair bands, classic rock, what?  (By the way, I found it hilarious that you love rock music and grew up listening to country but signed off with the purely hip-hop turn of phrase, "spill the beans, yo!")



Hell no, bitch!  But I read a new study today that shows 97% of people who write in all capital letters are either retarded or autistic.  So which one are you?  (See how mature I am?  Someone calls me retarded and I say, "You are!"  Then they say, "No, you are!"  Then I say, "No way, you are!"  Then they say, "Nuh-uh, you are!"  And this goes on for a really long time, then we just stare at each other until our eyes begin to bleed.)


- crocoPuffs

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