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Advice Ask crocoPuffs: July 23, 2005
Hitchhikers, Music, War of the Worlds, and Oz.

Go on then, what do you want us to ask?  What did you think of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy film?  As good as the book or TV series?  If you've seen it.  :0 Bye.  I love your website name ... sounds like a cereal!

- Claire, 13, England

As it happens, I've never seen or read anything Hitchhikers.  I attempted once to read the original book, but I ended up only reading 10-20 pages.  It pretty much sucked.  And I didn't see the film from earlier this year.  I'll probably see it on DVD sometime.

Hey, I was wanting to know your outlook on music ... I'm interested in hearing what you think is good and what is crap.

- Ryan, 15, Derby, Kansas

The little known truth is that every type of music includes good and bad artists, so I won't be arrogant enough to classify entire styles of music as good or bad ... except Country.  Country music licks balls - including derivatives like Country Rock.  And even within the good artists, there are good and bad albums, so there are no guarantees.

If you want to ask me about specific genres, I can point you to the good stuff and steer you away from the suckiness.

How could you possibly give War of the Crap a C?  The only thing in my mind that doesn't give this movie an F is because of the special effects.  Other than that the movie was a complete waste of my time and I am shocked that you would still give it a C.

- Lindo, 34, Sacramento, CA

It gets a C because it's average.  Some aspects were bad, others were good.  Toss it all in the air with a fork and spoon and you end up with a very average salad.  In some ways, a C is worse than an F.  I can get passionately angry about an F.  An F can at least conjure an emotional response, a C is just ... blah.  It doesn't affect me one way or the other.

Why is the road to the EMERALD City YELLOW?

- Katie Gray, 15, Atlanta, Georgia

Because it is named the "Yellow Brick Road."  Wouldn't make sense if the Yellow Brick Road was purple, would it?


- crocoPuffs

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