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Advice Ask crocoPuffs: November 9, 2005
TV reviews, next-gen console war, and bad boyfriend.

First off, great site!  Mario 64 - best game ever!  I checked out your movie picks, not my favorites but hell, it's your site.  I have two questions - First, how bout some TV show ratings (ever seen Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Home Movies?  2 best shows on TV).  And second - does the "croco" from your name rhyme with cocoa like the cereal or is it pronounced like crocodile?

- Jeff, 24, Newport News/VA/USA

Finally!  Somebody who gets it!  The gods have smiled upon me this day and brought me an intelligent reader who understands how this whole crazy Internet thing works.  "Not my favorites but hell, it's your site."  Exactly!  It's my site, damn it!  For those of you who don't like it, go browse your favorite musician's site.

I've considered rating or reviewing TV shows, but it introduces problems.  For example, how granular would I need to get with these reviews?  Should I review a show once only, which encompasses all episodes and all seasons?  One review per season?  One review per episode?  There's just too much involved in writing a good television review.  That's why I like movies, they are self-contained.  With a movie review, everybody knows exactly what is being referenced: the two hours contained within the confines of the film.  I think this is also why I occasionally write about commercials, they are self-contained mini-movies, in a way.  With TV, I just don't think I want to invest the kind of time it would take to do it justice.  However, I do have a television related category on the blog, so you can track all things TV that I've covered.

It's pronounced to rhyme with cocoa.  My actual last name is Croco, all my life people have pronounced it crock-o, when it should be crow-co.

Exactly how much do you get paid to write bad reviews about good movies?

- qswdfsf, 31, Austin

Hmph, I WISH I was getting paid for reviews published on this site.  I guess the lack of advertisements threw you off?  Made you think I must be getting sacks-o-cash under the table?

The next console war is brewing.  Who do you think will come out on top both in sales and in good ole fashioned quality?

- Kenneth Powell III, 18, New Martinsville, WV

To me, the answers are obvious.  Xbox 360 gets the jump by coming out first, unfortunately the launch games don't look very strong.  Nevertheless, I expect the next Xbox console to be successful in the marketplace, and I absolutely expect it to offer the highest quality of the next-gen consoles.

I also have little doubt that the PS3 will be wildly successful financially, but it will be the inferior product in quality.  The Nintendo Revolution is an unknown wildcard.  I really dislike the design of the new controller, I don't think I'd enjoy using it.  My prediction is that it will be moderately successful, but may still be viewed as a "kiddie" console, like the Gamecube is now.

unts unts unts unts, umum umum, yeah ... passionate.

- Brodie, 23, Some elevator

Thanks, Brodie.  Planning to go downstairs and stink palm someone now?

My boyfriend has cheated on me three times and he's lied and hurt me so many times and I still love him what should I do?

- Danielle, 18, New Zealand

You must leave him in your dust.  I wouldn't stand for any lying or cheating no matter how much you love him.  Do you really want to waste your love on someone who doesn't love you in return nor respect your relationship?  And when you're gone, don't let him talk his way back into it.  He had his shot at you and he blew it.  Move on and don't sweat it.  It'll take time to get over him, but you WILL get over him.  Don't allow yourself to become an enabler for his abusiveness.

I need a sports metaphor.

- Don Lemieux, 16, Gardner/MA/USA

Well played!  I almost forgot about those!  Here's a new one.


- crocoPuffs

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