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Advice Ask crocoPuffs: June 21, 2007
Things I like, salaries, and sex.

You're really a depressing guy.  :-(  Are there any other positive feedback about anything postive or whatever else you like other than video games and computers?

- Ashley, 21, USA

Hell yes!  There's all kinds of things I like!  I love real turkey, boobs, and ass.  Not to mention rain, dieting, and Halloween!

Why do all the people who have fun jobs (ie: athletes, movie stars, and musicians) make millions and millions of dollars every year, compared to the ones who work their asses off every day and still make a few thousand dollars?  Fucking stupid.

- Jamie, 19, New York

I don't know how fun those jobs are, I've never done any of them, but I agree they appear to be fun from the outside.  And I don't know that they aren't working their asses off.  But I do know why they make significantly more money, and it has nothing to do with how hard they work, and nothing to do with the value of their work.  It has everything to do with money.  Athletes, musicians, and movie stars generate a lot of revenue from ticket sales, album sales, and box office receipts.  Not to mention DVD sales, sold out concerts, and advertisements sold during televised sporting events.  They create huge amounts of money, and they get paid proportionately.

The hard workers who only make a few thousand, I assume you're talking about teachers, truck drivers, waiters, etc. only generate a certain amount of revenue, if any.  And they get paid proportionately.  In most cases, there's a limited pool of funds to pay these people.  Teachers and cops get paid from public funds (in most cases), so unless you want to pay even more taxes, they just can't make much more than they do.

And probably more to the point, the people in those jobs are easily replaceable, unlike the glamour jobs.  Nobody can step in and replace Tom Cruise, Bono, Tom Brady, Denzel Washington, Oprah, or Tim Duncan.  They get paid for their unique ability to do what they do at a very high level.  While some teachers are better than others, and some waiters are better than others, there's not much unique talent involved in those jobs, those folks are replaceable.

Will i have sex?

- Savio, 23, India


Who the hell are you?

- Bethany, 20, Webster/Texas/U.S.A.

I'm the man.

I love your website crocoPuffs, and I was wondering if it would offend you much if I suggested that you might be THE BIGGEST JACKASS TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THE FUCKING PLANET?

- Craig, 38, Miami Florida USA

Hmmm, nope.  No offense taken.  But thanks for asking.


- crocoPuffs

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