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Blog Entry Lindsay Lohan turns for the worse
May 23, 2005  8:47 PM

In May 2004 I wrote "(Lindsay Lohan) looks so good right now, I can only hope she doesn't pull a Jennifer Connelly and go all skeletor at some point."

Well, if you saw Saturday Night Live this weekend, then you know she indeed went skeletor.  Did you see her arms?  She's in Ally McBeal territory with that string bean look she's sporting.

Also, she's desperately trying to hide her freckles.  I couldn't see any on her face which means one of two things: she's spreading on makeup peanut butter thick, or she's had skin treatments to get them removed.  I think she went with the skin treatments.  Her arm and shoulder skin looked kind of blotchy to me, like she'd had some futuristic laser shit done or something.

And the blonde hair isn't helping matters.

Don't you people get it?  ("You people" being celebrity type folks, not redheads.)  The reason we say "you're cute" is because you're cute.  We're not secretly saying "you're cute, but you'd be cuter if you were skinnier with a different hair color and bigger lips and a more angular face."  We like you to look the way you look naturally.

Lindsay, I know you're hanging out with Paris Hilton and Tara Reid and they've convinced you that anorexia is cool, but they're wrong.  There's a reason Paris is the punchline of a million jokes ... she's not very smart.  Try not to prove yourself as her equal in that regard.

- crocoPuffs


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