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Blog Entry Elevator Lady, Episode IV
April 28, 2006  3:38 PM

Since we last saw the Elevator Lady, my employer has physically moved to new offices at a new location.  These new offices are spread out more than the old ones, so I don't casually run into the same people I used to.

It's the end of the day and I'm waiting at an elevator, doing nothing in particular, wondering what type of chinese food I might like to order for dinner, when I hear someone approaching from my right side.  It's her.

I'm pretty sure she thinks I don't see her because my head is turned as she approaches.  And I don't really see her as much as I sense her.  She's klip-klopping arond in a loud pair of shoes and the klip-klopping is getting louder.  In my peripheral vision, I see her making a bee line for my elevator when all of a sudden the klip-klopping breaks stride and starts to move in a different direction.  I look up and confirm who it is.  Her back is to me at this point, I'm sure she believes she successfully navigated herself out of a torturous elevator ride with me.  Well, maybe so, but she didn't escape a blog entry about it.

The elevator I was waiting for is not very far from 2 other banks of elevators.  I am 100% positive she was heading for my elevator before turning away and heading to a different one.

I'm just glad she turned toward a different elevator so that I wouldn't be forced to feign like I forgot something then walk away.

- crocoPuffs


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