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Blog Entry Faith Hill - sore loser
November 7, 2006  11:12 AM

I won't be the first or the last person to post this today.  Apparently Faith Hill believes she is a far superior vocalist to Carrie Underwood, and displays her disgust in this video.

The best part is the way she raises her arms right after the name is called, but just before she realizes it wasn't her.  Soooo egomaniacal, she was just sooo sure she was the winner.  I love this.

Oh boy, and today's spin is good too.  Apparently, Faith was just joking.  Just joking?  Please!  We've seen the video, does she really expect us to believe that was a joke?  What gives her away is that she holds her arms up in victory before it dawns on her that her name was not called, and the look of recognition which crosses her face.  That was no joke, that was her genuine reaction.  It was so beautifully genuine, it's an insult for her to claim it as a joke.

"The country music superstar says she was just joking when cameras showed her screaming 'WHAT?' in apparent anger when she lost the female vocalist of the year award to newcomer Carrie Underwood"


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