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Blog Entry NBC's halftime show
November 14, 2006  11:23 PM

NBC has been employing a new technique with their show Las Vegas.  At the halfway point of an episode, they recap what happened in the first 30 minutes.  Presumably to encourage viewers to stick around who may have flipped over after watching a 30-minute show somewhere else.

I think it's a good strategy.  Except for when the recap reveals things that did not happen yet!  Which is exactly what happened on the 11/10/06 episode.  The recap showed things that were coming up in the second half of the show, but presented them as if they had already happened.  Rookie move.

I don't know if NBC is using this same recap segment on other shows besides Las Vegas, but if they are, I can only hope they're getting it right on those shows instead of proving themselves to be three monkeys fucking a football.

- crocoPuffs


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