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Blog Entry O.J. Simpson's hypothetical confession
November 15, 2006  4:32 PM

I'd already heard that O.J. Simpson was writing a book about how he "hypothetically would have" killed his ex-wife and her friend, maybe you had too.  But the story blew up today with the announcement that there will also be a television interview airing on FOX as publicity for the book.

Let me understand this.  He's going to explain how he "would have" committed the murders IF it were he who did it?  This is insane!  Imagine if Scott Peterson had been found innocent, and the next day he said, "I didn't do it, but here's how I WOULD HAVE done it"?  It's ridiculous!  More to the point, can you imagine an innocent man who loved his wife very much, whose wife was murdered, and the husband had absolutely nothing to do with it, come out and say "here's how I WOULD HAVE done it."  Such a thought never crosses the mind of an innocent man.

I think it's beyond debate at this point that he murdered two people, got away with it, and is now profiting monetarily from it.  All I can ask is that nobody buy his book or watch the TV interview.  I don't care how badly you want to know the "truth" (which we already know anyway).  I don't care how badly you want to hear him admit it.  Don't watch the damn show, and don't buy the damn book!

It's time for us to blame ourselves for this nonsense.  To blame our culture for letting it go on so long.  For still being interested.  For laughing at the jokes on late-night television.  It's all on us.  If we had paid no attention to this in the first place, it wouldn't be the phenomenon that it is.

So, anywho ... any word on finding the "real killers" yet?  I don't mean to be trite.  I seriously would like to know if ANY person at ANY time has EVER been seriously considered as a possible suspect.  No?  Not one person, you say?  Ever?  Shocker.

- crocoPuffs


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