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Blog Entry Apple unveils iPhone!
January 9, 2007  4:59 PM

Yippie.  Excuse me while I vomit from all the excitement.

The iPhone is yet another in a long line of overhyped gadgets.  Yes, the touchscreen interface looks "cool".  Yes, the software appears pretty slick.  Yes, you can't live without one.  Yes, it will solve the world's problems by its mere existence.  But so what?

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod, but I bought it 2005, not 2001.  I bought one after the product had matured and become more versatile and practical, and cost effective.  $600 for an 8 gb iPod with a built-in smartphone?  Currently you can get an 30 gb (!) iPod for $250, and a killer smartphone for $300.  How does combining those 2 devices (while quartering the storage space) make the resulting product worth more than the separate parts?

Even if you think the cost is reasonable (and if you do, you probably think the PS3 is a bargain), it only works with one service provider, Cingular.  What a silly move that is.  You think Verizon customers are going to switch to Cingular just to get this device?  A few hardcores will, but the masses won't.  And when it comes to consumer electronics, it's all about the masses.  If you don't have the masses, you have nothing.

[Update: 11:07 am  January 11, 2007 - Looks like I'm not the only one who is less than excited about the prospects of this phone.]

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