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Blog Entry A book lover's boobs
April 27, 2007  10:40 AM

I've provided commentary below this video, which you should read while viewing, for full comedic effect (may be NSFW, it's borderline).


Wow!  Look at her huge ... book!  She must really love to read.  What is that?  War and Peace?  She reads such large books, she must be some kind of academic.  A college student, perhaps?  She's really into that book ... something about the way she reads makes me unable to look away.  Fascinating.

Ooohhh, she licks her finger when turning pages.  She's a pro!  She must be a librarian or something.  Now she's a little uncomfortable, she's shifting around and opening her legs, now she's touching her leg.  I wonder if she has a bugbite on her leg that is making her so uncomfortable.  Oh, now I see ... she's getting sleepy.  She's turned onto her back a little and raised her arm above her head, the classic getting-ready-to-sleep pose.  Jesus!  I just noticed how large her breasts are!  Those things are gigantic!

Okay, she's sitting up now.  She's ready to read again, I think.  Oh, but first she needs to brush something off her boob.  Damn!  That is one huge boob.  Uh, do you think she realizes her breast is about to fall out of her top?  Phew!  Yes, she did notice, she's adjusting her shirt now.  Err, well, maybe not.  She seems to be just feeling the fabric of her shirt.  That's weird.

I wonder if she's ever going to get back to reading that book?  Hey, why is she looking at me like that?  If I didn't know better, I'd say she wants to bang me.  Wait a second, I don't think she's a librarian at all.  And now ... good lord!  Now what's happening?  The book seems to have some kind of magnetic pull on her tits!  They're swaying back and forth, fighting against the book's gravitational forces.  She's looking at me again.  I think she needs help.  Her eyes are pleading with me to help her breasts stop swinging!  I'm on my way, young lady!  I will save you!  What!?!  Oh crap, the video ended.  Now I'll never know what happened.  How will i save her?  Hmmm ... I guess I'll have to watch it over and over to find clues that will help me solve this mystery.

- crocoPuffs


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