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Blog Entry Fast food: Ads vs. Reality
April 19, 2007  2:08 PM

Thanks to my hosting provider, who "upgraded" the servers last month, my blog got blown away, so I've spent the last few weeks re-creating every entry. Now I'm back in action, to bring you all the stuff you missed due to my absence.

First up: Fast food ads vs. reality. This is exactly what you think it is. Photos of fast food products (big mac, whopper) as purchased in the store compared to images of the same products as shown in advertisements. Sounds scandalous, right? But it's not really. You'd have to be brain dead to think you are going to get the exact same product as shown to you in an advertisement. The point of advertising is to make the product look as appealing as possible, just short of out-and-out lying to the customer. On that scale, most of these products fair pretty well, I think. The "famous bowl", and the whopper are probably the products that appear least like the advertisement.

- crocoPuffs


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