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Blog Entry With residents like these, who needs terrorists?
June 18, 2007  11:38 PM

Terrorists must love us, we make their job so very easy.  Let's take a look at some of our fine residents and the terrorist-like acts they bring upon us by their own hands.  Keep in mind, these all happened in the month of April alone!

Blown-up highway

Meet James Mosqueda,

James crashed a tanker truck full of gasoline, exploding and collapsing part of the MacArthur Maze in Oakland, just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.  This portion of the Bay Area highway system is an important cog in the daily commute.  Bin Laden himself may not have chosen a more disruptive target. 

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Shopping mall shooting

Meet David Logsdon,

According to police, David killed his elderly female neighbor, stole her car, shot a cop in the arm, drove to a shopping mall, opened fire, killed two people, then got shot and killed by police officers.  Kansas City temporarily became a scene from American Born Killers.

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College campus massacre

Meet Seung-Hui Cho,

This psycho murdered 32 people on the Virginia Tech campus before killing himself.  I'm thinking he should have skipped the massacre and went straight to the suicide.

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