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Blog Entry Barry Bonds cheated!
August 8, 2007  11:40 AM

If you pour Drano into a glass, serve it to your spouse, and your spouse dies, think you'd walk out of court scot-free on the defense that you didn't know Drano was poisonous?  Even if you really didn't know, it wouldn't matter.  It may have been accidental but you poisoned and killed your spouse just the same.  And honestly, what jury would believe that you didn't know Drano is poisonous?

Ever been pulled over for speeding?  Did you tell the cop you didn't know what the speed limit was?  Did the cop say it didn't matter if you knew because you were speeding anyway?  Did the cop write you a ticket?  You bet he did.

So how are there still people who don't think Barry Bonds cheated?  He admittedly used Balco steroid products.  Whether or not he knew he was cheating is irrelevant to the fact that he cheated.  He used the products.  He cheated.  It's simple.

The point is, it's your responsibility to know.  To know what the speed limit is, to know Drano is poisonous, and if you are a professional athlete, to know what you are using in and on your body.  Bonds needs to own up to that responsibility.  Claiming ignorance is the lamest excuse on the planet because it is his responsibility to not be ignorant.  He can't just shirk that responsibility and expect people to sympathize with him.

The amazing thing is, somehow, some people actually are sympathetic with Barry Bonds.  The concept of personal responsibility is not popular.  I've written plenty of words on the topic.  It's always easier to blame others or claim ignorance than to stand up, take responsibility, and face the music.  Nice role model you are, Barry Bonds.  You are teaching kids it's okay to cheat as long as you don't get caught, and even if you do get caught, you just deny it.

- crocoPuffs


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