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Blog Entry NFL Week 2 Notes: 2007
September 18, 2007  1:09 AM

Week 2 notes on the National Football League

1)  Outcomes that surprised me: The Cincinnati Bengals scored 45 points.  And lost.  To the Browns!  Houston Texans over the Carolina Panthers (are the Texans for real? See my thoughts below).  The Saints lost again.

2)  Spygate.  I don't know if every team videotapes their opponent's sideline, but clearly the Patriots are not the first, last, or only team to do it (hopefully the last, but probably not).  Does that make it right?  Of course not.  Jimmy Johnson all but admitted on the FOX pregame show that he'd been involved in that type of activity.  Nobody in the league (players, coaches, former players and coaches) seems particularly surprised or outraged, so I can only assume it was a common practice.  The people making a big deal about it are the fans and media types.  This is not a defense of the Patriots actions, just an acknowledgement that NFL teams have been cheating for a long time, hopefully it will stop now.

3)  Olindo Mare sucks.  The New Orleans Saints managed to take a position (kicker) that was rock solid for years with John Carney and turn it into a question mark.

4)  Right now, the Patriots are looking like the best team in the league.  Nobody in the NFC is even close, and only the Colts in the AFC seem like they could give them a good game.

5)  Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans might be for real.  Their defense looks legit, and Schaub is leading the team in a way the team has not been lead before.

6)  The Oakland Raiders always find a way to lose.  Somehow you instictively knew Janikowski would miss that second kick, didn't you?

7)  Brett Favre watch: another week, another win.  Grandpa pulled off the second win of the season for the Packers and captured the NFL record for the most wins by a QB.

8)  O.J. Simpson has been arrested and is facing conviction.  Again.  I'm wondering how many crimes O.J. has NOT been arrested for.  Most career criminals get arrested once for, I dunno, maybe every 6-7 crimes they commit.  Or maybe O.J. is the worst criminal ever, getting caught every time.  Either way, he's retarded.

9)  Despite Derek Anderson's big day, I stand by my statement that the Browns should play Brady Quinn.  Who's to say Quinn wouldn't have thrown 5 TDs, or at least 3, and gotten a huge confidence boost in the process?  Is Anderson that much better than Quinn?  If he is, then why plan to play Quinn at all this year?  Just stick with Anderson and play the season.  If you want to go with Quinn, then get him in the game and start racking up experience points.

10)  Stating the obvious here, but the Saints pass defense is horrible.  Their run defense has been pretty good, though.  I thought Roman Harper would be all over the field making plays this year, but it hasn't happened.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap, did the Saints play terrible again.  They made Tampa Bay look like world champions.  Their offensive line looks like crap, forcing Drew Brees to dump the ball off quickly for short gains, not enough time to let longer plays develop.

2)  Saints stat of the week: Fumbles by Saints running backs Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister: 4 (2 each).  Only one of those fumbles was recovered by the Bucs, but it's indicative of the way the team played.  The game was one big fumble.

3)  What the hell happened to Deuce McAllister in the second half?  Did he even play one snap?  Get that kid involved in the game, he was the only player producing decent results in the first half.

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