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Blog Entry NFL Week 7 (and Week 6) Notes: 2007
October 24, 2007  1:20 AM

Week 6 and Week 7 notes on the National Football League

Week 6

1)  The reason Week 6 is so late is because I was visiting Seattle and attending the demolishment of the Seahawks by the Saints.  I lucked out and my seat was on the aisle, 40 yard line, next to a few other Saints fans.

2)  In Seattle they sing the Canadian national anthem, "O Canada", before the American national anthem.  And they let fly a live "seahawk" out of the tunnel to lead the players onto the field.

3)  12:38, first quarter: Seattle's first offensive possession ends in a botched punt that New Orleans returns for a touchdown.  7-0, Saints.  The route is on.

4)  11:24, first quarter: NBC's skycam crashes to the field, nearly hitting a Seattle player who almost trips up in the wires.  The game is delayed for ten minutes, the crowd boos.  I've always wondered when a QB was going to throw a pass and accidentally hit that camera, but crashing the field is almost as good.  When the game resumed, the crowd was into it, ready for action.  For not being a dome, Qwest Field is loud.  They did a good job with the acoustical engineering.

5)  The lady sitting next to me cheers like only a drunk non-fan can cheer.  Cheering when the crowd gets loud, regardless of what just happened on the field, not because she's paying attention to the game.  Half the time she's cheering the Saints, half the time she's cheering the 'Hawks.

6)  14:28, second quarter: New Orleans scores their first offensive touchdown.  14-0, Saints.  The route is on.  Drunk Lady hits me in the head repeatedly with her Saints bandana as she swings it in a circle over her head.

7)  8:06, second quarter: New Orleans blocks a Seattle field goal attempt.  5:18, second quarter: New Orleans scores their second offensive touchdown.  21-0, Saints.  The route is on.

8)  3:41, second quarter: stadium employee walks up the aisle telling everyone beer will not be sold after halftime.  Drunk Lady immediately grabs her purse and races to the concourse.

9)  Seahawks fans love them some cheerleaders.  Their cheerleaders are cute and the crowd roars every time one is shown on the jumbotron.  0:30, second quarter: Saints score third offensive touchdown.  28-7, Saints.  The route is on, so I give them my permission to score zero points in the second half.  You know, to cut the Seahawks some slack.

10)  6:39, fourth quarter: Seattle scores a TD.  28-17, Saints.  This is either the beginning of the Seahawks comeback or a garbage time touchdown, depends what happens next.  0:01, fourth quarter: turned out to be a garbage time touchdown.  Saints win 28-17!

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap, the Saints won a game!  Looks like all they needed was my attendance to give them the motivation they needed to win.  crocoPuffs in the building is the ultimate good luck charm.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 5 sacks, which is one more than they've had in their first four games combined.

3)  Reggie Bush must be reading my posts and taking them to heart.  He looked like a legitimate NFL player out there.  Sadly, Colston has NOT been reading my posts, because other than a couple dropped passes (one in the end zone) and a 2-yard touchdown, he was invisible again.  David Patten played a hell of a game, though.  Maybe he will be the veteran receiving presence the Saints need.

Week 7

1)  Outcomes that surprised me: Detroit Lions over the Tampa Bay Bucs was a pleasant surprise, and helpful to the Saints.  Buffalo Bills over the Baltimore Ravens.  Denver Broncos over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

2)  Everyone is now discussing New England in terms of their place in NFL history.  While it's probably too early to be calling them the greatest offense ever, they look as unstoppable as any of the great offenses I've seen (1999 Rams, 1998 Vikings, 1994 49ers, 1992 Cowboys, 1989 49ers, 1984 Dolphins).

3)  For about three quarters against Atlanta, the Saints looked ready to notch another tick in the loss column.  The defense couldn't get off the field and the offense couldn't make any plays, couldn't convert any third downs.  But they hung in there and scored the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter on a nice drive capped by a nice run by Reggie Bush.

4)  New England Patriots are still #1.  My top 5 includes the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New York Giants.

5)  Brett Favre watch: Green Bay was on a bye week.

6)  Fantasy nook: Last week the fantasy "experts" were all over the Redskins Defense, picking them to be awesome in week 7.  'Skins had a decent week, but I started the Giants Defense.  Seemed obvious to me that the Giants D vs. Trent Dilfer would be a lopsided matchup.  Whaddya know, I was right as usual.

7)  The Saints still need to improve their game, but a win is a win and they're not completely out of it just yet thanks to a fairly weak division that is still up for grabs and a favorable upcoming schedule.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap.  The Saints are on a roll, shooting up in the standings like a rocket.  Soon to be leading the NFC South.  I'll be at the Saints/49ers game this weekend, so it's a lock they will win.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 100.  The Saints have not allowed 100 yards rushing to any of their last 5 opponents.

3)  Reggie Bush showed some power for the second game in a row, he is definitely reading this blog and taking my advise seriously.  Colston made a big play against Atlanta, pulling off a 33 yard reception on the winning TD drive on 3rd down, with most of the yardage coming after the catch.  Hopefully that will warm him up enough to start posting the big fat numbers.

- crocoPuffs


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