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Blog Entry NFL Week 8 Notes: 2007
October 29, 2007  11:37 PM

Week 8 notes on the National Football League

1)  Outcomes that surprised me: None.  There were really no surprises at all this week.  The better team won pretty much every game.

2)  I am definitely the New Orleans Saints' good luck charm.  When I'm at the game they blow teams out, the games effectively over by halftime.  Plus, they have not lost since I started going to games 3 weeks ago.  This week they killed the 49ers, who suck balls, with a classic Drew Brees performance and breakout game by Marques Colston.  Even Reggie Bush is continuing to pull his weight.  I'm not in love with Bush as a player, but if he keeps this up he will keep me happy.

3)  Monster Park in San Francisco needs to be either renovated or demolished.  The home of the 49ers is extremely dated.  The seating is crowded, the TVs on the concourse are easily 25 years old, there is only one jumbotron and large scoreboard, and the stadium is in the worst location of all time.  The traffic situation getting into and out of the ballpark is ridiculous.  There is one freeway on which you can either go north or south.  That's it.  No alternate routes.  And the nearby neighborhood is no place you want to get lost in.  Also, the parking areas are a freakin' mess.  The bay wind blows the tailgaters' trash all over the place.  The more I think of it, the more I think renovation is out of the question.  That is not a stadium nor a location befitting the NFL.

4)  The Patriots are more than crushing opponents, they're crushing the entire league with the weight of their awesomeness.  I mean they are insane, out of their minds with playing dominant football.  I really can't imagine the Colts beating them next week.  The Colts are the second best team in the league, but they're still not going to match up very well against the Patriots.  The other three teams in my top 5 are: Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and San Diego Chargers (I can't count, so what?).  Pittsburgh plays New England on Dec. 9, should be an interesting game.  The Cowboys know how to make a bye week interesting, they signed Tony Romo to a 6 year, $67 million contract.

5)  The San Diego Chargers came up with a dominating win against Houston to a backdrop of soot and ash.  I'm glad the damage to the city of San Diego has been ... well, not nearly as bad as it could have been.  I can't tell you how disappointed I am to hear that many of those fires were caused by arsonists.  What the fuck is wrong with people that they start fires with the intent of doing as much damage as possible.  People like that should be hung from a noose in the town square.

6)  The 49ers' cheerleaders, called the Gold Rush, came out in the second half wearing Halloween costumes.  There was a nurse, a bumble bee, a couple cops, a Supergirl, a Lara Croft, a beer wench, a Dorothy, etc..  At the two-minute warning, they did the famous Thriller dance.  It's true about San Francisco, even the straight guys are gay, as the cheerleaders did not receive much attention or applause from the crowd.  Nothing like Seattle, where they love their cheerleaders.

7)  Brett Favre watch: another week, another win.  This time Grandpa whipped up an overtime win against Denver, in Denver, on Monday Night Football.  The Green Bay Packers at 6-1 may be the best team in the NFC.  They play the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 29, so that's at least one NFC game to look forward to.

8)  I was surprised by the amount of cigarette smoking at Monster Park.  Lots of smokers hanging out all over the stadium.  Well, maybe it's not "surprising," but in comparison to Qwest Field, where I didn't see any smokers at all, it seemed like virtually everyone was smoking.

9)  Fantasy nook: Son of a bitch!  Just when I think Marques Colston is cooked, he busts out for three touchdowns.  Of course he was on my bench.  Of course I lost my fantasy game by only 4 points, points which would have been more than covered by Colston's big day.  My fantasy team is 4-4 and in danger of falling out of the playoff picture.

10)  Tom Brady is ridiculous.  Throwing touchdowns at a record pace is not enough for that guy.  He is now rushing for TDs, he ran 2 in against the Redskins.  The way he's playing, he's set to have the best season a quarterback has ever had.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints dominated the 49ers.  When they beat the Jaguars next week the league will be on notice that the Saints are back and mean business.  Bitches better run for cover!

2)  Saints stat of the week: 100, again.  The Saints have not allowed 100 yards rushing to any of their last 6 opponents.

3)  The NFC South is still very winnable for the Saints.  They are only one game out of the lead with 9 games to play.  If they can win their remaining division games and half of their non-division games, I'd say that's good enough to take the division.

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