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Blog Entry NFL Week 10 Notes: 2007
November 13, 2007  11:22 PM

Week 10 notes on the National Football League

1)  Outcomes that surprised me: St. Louis Rams beat the New Orleans Saints.  Arizona Cardinals over the Detroit Lions.

2)  Ben Roethlisberger is my favorite NFL quarterback.  If I was starting a team today I would pick Ben to run my offense.  No disrespect to Manning, Brady, Brees, Romo, or Palmer, all great quarterbacks, but Roethlisberger would be my guy.  He's a charismatic leader with a little bit of the outlaw in him.  I get the feeling that no matter what the situation he'll find a way to get his team through it.  Sunday's heroics against Cleveland, and last Monday's monster of a game have made a lot of people re-evaluate what they thought of him.

3)  While on the subject, if I was starting a team today ... I'd go with Joseph Addai as my running back.

4)  Current Top 5: New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants.  The tradition I started two weeks ago continues ... my top 5 contains 6 teams.

5)  In the San Diego/Indianapolis game, the Chargers were so hyped up in the first quarter I wondered aloud if they would be able to sustain such a high emotional state through the whole game.  Intuitively, they could not.  And they did not.  They did get very lucky, however, with Vinatieri's bad night.

6)  Eli Manning does not inspire confidence.  Watching him, I do not get the feeling he can handle any situation and get his team through it.  No, he makes dumb mistakes (delay of game penalties), and throws interceptions and near-interceptions at the worst times,  He looks like a guy who has been given every opportunity and somehow managed to not capitalize.  The total opposite of Ben Roethlisberger.  Eli reminds me of Aaron Brooks.  He can make enough great plays to keep hope alive, but you know in your gut that every snap is a potential disaster.

7)  Brett Favre watch: another game, another win, another record.  Grandpa sucker-punched the Minnesota Vikings, and became the second player in NFL history in pass for 60,000 yards.  Packers are 8-1 with a lock on the NFC North.

8)  Tony Dungy, calm down.  Your team was flagged for "simulating a snap", not for a "false start".  Everybody who witnessed the event knew that you were purposely trying to draw San Diego offsides by giving the impression the ball was snapped.  Was it technically within the rules?  Maybe.  But in calling that play, you had to know there was a chance it would get flagged.  You are usually so unflappable, I'm surprised to see you respond like that.  On the other hand, you did the right thing by apologizing to the team for wasting that timeout you took in order to argue with the refs.

9)  Fantasy tip: If you are in a keeper league and it doesn't look like you're going all the way this year, seek out the owner of Adrian Peterson and offer your #1 stud in trade.  Thanks to Peterson's injury, you might be able to convince the owner to give him up.  Particularly if the owner was relying on Peterson and still has a good chance to win this year.

10)  I'm going to reverse my position on Reggie Bush's physicality.  I was listening to an Eric Dickerson interview where he was saying how lucky he is to have no serious long-term effects from his NFL playing days.  Guys like Earl Campbell can barely walk, and many more retired veterans have serious disabilities due to playing in the hard-nosed league.  If Reggie Bush wants to step out of bounds instead of taking an extra hit, or fall down when he clearly sees he has no more room to run, I'm not going to begrudge him that right.  While it doesn't look very manly during the game, I'd rather see him walking under his own power in 20 years than gaining an extra yard in a regular season game.  However, come playoffs, I expect every player to leave body parts on the field.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints granted the Rams their first win of the season. If you know the Saints, then you knew in the first quarter they were going to lose that game.  They opened the game well, with their first drive going for a touchdown, then they shifted into cruise control and got what they deserved.  Brees was throwing interceptions, nothing worked on offense, and not much more on defense.  The 4th quarter comeback was too little too late.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 3.  Number of bottles of champagne I imagine Jim Haslett drank after getting revenge on his former team.

3)  I swear, it's as if this Saints team is always prepared to believe their own press.  As soon as the media gives them the slightest praise, they show up on gameday unfocused and low-energy.  There are no weeks off in the NFL.  You can lose to a 7-1 team and you can lose to a 0-8 team.  If you are not prepared and not focused, you will lose.  There are no weeks off in the NFL.  It is very much on the coaching staff to have the team prepared to play.  A 4-4 team cannot expect to win simply by showing up for the game, and that's what looked like happened on Sunday.

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