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Blog Entry NFL Week 11 Notes: 2007
November 20, 2007  11:35 PM

Week 11 notes on the National Football League

1)  Outcomes that surprised me: Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the New York Jets.  That is all.

2)  That kick by Phil Dawson which bounced off the support bar was clearly a good kick (watch it here).  I told crocoWife right away that the refs botched the call.  Good thing they fixed their own mistake, or the uproar would have been tremendous.

I liken that Dawson FG to a touchdown where the ball just barely crosses the goal line and then the defense pushes the player back to the one yard line.  It doesn't matter.  Once the ball crosses the goal line, even for a millisecond, the TD is good, you can't erase it.  Same thing for the field goal.

In basketball, when the ball goes through the net and bounces back up through it, does that negate the hoop?  No way.  In baseball, when a fan throws a homerun ball back onto the field, does the batter only get a triple?  Not a chance.

3)  How embarrassing is it that half the Ravens team, including Brian Billick, were in the locker room before the call was decided on the Dawson FG and had to be summoned back to the field?  The kick was clearly controversial, the refs were clearly huddling, the game was clearly not quite over, even if to allow the refs to explain why they were huddling.  That's just putting your head in the sand and wishing it to go away.

4)  Current Top 5: New England Patriots, New England Patriots, New England Patriots, New England Patriots, and New England Patriots.  At this moment there is no competition for the Patriots so there's no point in mentioning any other teams.  I have an interesting internal debate going on, where part of me wants to see them go 19-0 and sail into the history books, while another part of me wants to see someone beat them.  Not just beat them, demolish them.

5)  Karma is a bitch, ain't it Shanahan?  The whole call-a-timeout-one-split-second-before-the-play-is-snapped routine was popularized by Shanahan this year, and in the Denver Broncos Monday night game against the Tennessee Titans, it backfired twice.  The first time allowed the Titans a second chance at a field goal they missed (which they converted on the second try).  The second time allowed Jeff Fischer to challenge a play which ultimately resulted in a touchdown for the Titans.  Sure, the Broncos won the game, but you just know Shanahan is second-guessing that strategy now.

6)  Everybody named Brandon in the Monday night game scored a touchdown.  Literally.  Every player named Brandon on the Broncos and Titans notched a TD.  Brandon Marshall, Brandon Stokley, and Brandon Jones all reached the end zone.

7)  Brett Favre watch: another game, another win.  Grandpa beat up the Carolina Panthers this week (which helps the Saints at least a little bit).  Packers are 9-1 and continue to look impressive.  Their game on Nov, 29 in Dallas should be a good one.

8)  I saw Mike McKenzie jawing at Jason David on the sidelines after David got burned on an Andre Johnson touchdown.  That was a rare glimpse at McKenzie's leadership abilities.  Maybe he is a leader on that Saints defense after all.

9)  Fantasy tip: If your team is .500 or worse, it's time to start throwing games so you can get a better draft position next year.

10)  Favre's terrific season is securing his place in the Hall of Fame.  Not only is he breaking records, but he's doing it at age 38.  Everyone will remember how well he played this year, regardless of how the season ends up for the Packers.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints lost to the Texans.  There's not much more to say.  It sucks.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 52.  Length of the field goal Olindo Mare kicked in the first quarter.

3)  I figure the Saints plan this year is to go 0-4, 4-0, 0-4, and 4-0 to finish 8-8.  Because if that's *not* their plan, then I don't know what the hell their plan *is*.

- crocoPuffs


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