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Blog Entry Brett Favre steroids speculation
December 29, 2007  1:42 PM

Brett Favre's having an amazing season in the twilight of his career.  His statistics rival the best of his career.  It is a late-career resurgence that matches only those displayed by the likes of ... Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Here are Favre's numbers from the last 2 years compared to this year.  This year he's completing 66% of his passes, which is the best of his career.  Prior 2 years: 56% and 61%.  Yards per pass attempt this year: 7.7, again the best of his career.  Prior 2 years: 6.3 and 6.4.  Touchdowns: 26 so far this year.  Last 2 years: 18 and 20.  Interceptions: 15 so far this year.  Last 2 years: 18 and 29.  This year's quarterback rating is 94.1, the third best of his career.  Last 2 years, 72.7 and 70.9.

While Brett Favre is the darling of the NFL, the cuddly bear, the beloved MVP, the good 'ol boy; he also has a history of abuse with painkillers.  He beat that problem, but does his past add suspicion to his current level of play?

This type of speculation is the crime and legacy of the steroid-cheaters.  They've cast a long shadow on every other player who accomplishes great things.  After all, if the top statistics were accomplished by really good players bolstered by drugs, how can we believe that future top players can beat the drug-enhanced stats with natural ability?

If the steroid-using players think they're not hurting anyone other than themselves, they're wrong.  The people they hurt are the future (and present) players who accomplish great things on their natural ability.  Thanks to the steroid-users I have no choice but to look at Brett Favre this year and wonder about his incredible production.

Where does that leave a guy like Devin Hester?  He's been doing things on the football field the last two years that no player has ever come close to.  What am I to make of that?  Does he need to be under suspicion too?  What about LaDainian Tomlinson's touchdown record from last year?  Or Shawn Alexander's record from a few years back?  Everything is in doubt thanks to the cheaters.

Guys like Favre, Tomlinson, Hester, and any future players who set the world on fire should be absolutely pissed at guys like Bonds, Clemens, Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGwire.  It doesn't' even matter that I'm comparing baseball players to football players.  Every sport has steroid users, and there's no way to know who is who or which is which, so I'm forced to assume it could be anybody and everybody.

- crocoPuffs


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