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Blog Entry Super Bowl Notes
February 3, 2008  11:49 PM

National Football League notes, Super Bowl edition.

1)  I'm really happy for the New York Giants.  I lived in New York for 6 years and had plenty of friends who were Giants fans.  I watched Scott Norwood miss that field goal and cheered along with them.  I'm something of a closeted Giants fan in that way.  So while I won't claim to have known all along they could win, I am thrilled they pulled it off.

2)  It doesn't hurt my feelings to see Bill Belichick lose the Super Bowl, and not get the perfect 19-0 undefeated season.  It's very difficult to like that guy unless you're a Patriots fan.

3)  Jordin Sparks looked genuinely nervous before singing the national anthem.  She ended up singing a very gentle and nice version of the song.  She did a good job.

4)  The first quarter was very interesting in that each team had only one possession of the ball, both drives were clockeating monsters.  The two possessions produced the only scoring in the game until the 4th quarter.  Imagine if that had lasted the entire game.  Four possessions for each team?

5)  If you tuned in to the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter, you didn't miss much.  The Giants opened the 4th by coming alive on offense and firing the ball downfield on a quick drive that resulted in a touchdown.  Then the teams swapped leads a couple times before the game ended.

6)  Nowhere near enough cheerleaders shown during this game.  Actually, there were NO cheerleaders shown during this game.  The only times I saw cheerleaders were in the background and in one slo-mo replay of a player running on the sideline.  Where were the cheerleaders!?  I thought this was FOX for crying out loud!  They can't fit 4-5 cheerleader shots into a 4-hour game?  Pathetic.

7)  I'm having a difficult time accepting Randy Moss as one of the best NFL receivers of all time.  I haven't forgotten his slacking off in Oakland, he's been absent in the playoffs this year, and was absent again in the Super Bowl until the fourth quarter.  He had a total of seven catches in 3 post-season games.  Seven.  Could you imagine Jerry Rice or Michael Irvin or Marvin Harrison averaging 2.3 catches per game in a postseason, and catching zero balls in the first half of the Super Bowl?  Moss has great talent, but does he have great hunger?  Does he have the eye of the tiger?

8)  The officiating in NFL games is always worth mentioning.  Here's what I saw in the Super Bowl.  Amani Toomer should have been called for pushing off on the defender on that amazing sideline catch he made.  The fumble, when Eli was handing off to his running back, was recovered by the Patriots and stolen by the Giants in the ensuing pileup.  Should have been New England's ball.  And the officials missed a 12 men on the field call, but Belichick didn't.  He challenged the play and won.

9)  It's time for me to apologize to Eli Manning.  Earlier this year I wrote, "He can make enough great plays to keep hope alive, but you know in your gut that every snap is a potential disaster."  Let's face it, he played great throughout the playoffs and in the Super Bowl.  He won the Super Bowl.  I don't know what happened to turn his season around, but ... hmmm ... it's probably because he was reading my blog and got his ass in gear!  I don't need to apologize to him.  He should be THANKING me for saving his season!  Eli wasn't the MVP of the game, by the way.  For my money it must be a Giants defender.  I'll go with Justin Tuck who had 5 tackles, 2 sacks, and a forced fumble.

10)  Super Bowl commercials are a traditional source of Monday morning water-cooler discussion.  Lucky for you, I've revived my "Worst Commercial of the Year" series, so you'll be able to tell your co-workers with authority what the worst commercial this year is.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy Crap!  Only 6 months until training camp!  Geaux Saints!

2)  Looks like the Saints will be playing a "home" game next year in London against the San Diego Chargers.  As long as I get the game on DirecTV's NFL package, I'm fine with it.

3)  The Saints are somewhere around $30 million under the salary cap and have the #10 pick in this year's draft.  Sounds like a good situation to me.

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