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Blog Entry NFL Week 1 Notes: 2008
September 9, 2008  11:41 PM

Week 1 notes on the National Football League

1)  Congratulations Dallas Cowboys, you dominated the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns, who have not played in a playoff game in 6 years.  The Browns, who have not won a playoff game in 14 years.  The Browns, who have not won their division since 1989.  You totally dominated them, Dallas.  Awesome.

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Marlina of the San Diego Chargers Girls.  Marlina is a business owner and loves animals or something.  I can't really say I care about anything more than her smokin' body and pretty face.

3)  Reggie Bush played his finest all around game of his NFL career to date.  Importantly, Bush looked fast.  Instead of looking like he was trying to be fast, he looked like he was actually fast.  Also, he stopped being such a pussy.  I called him out last year for running out of bounds and avoiding contact at every opportunity.  This week he was playing football like a man.  His 4th quarter touchdown was a play that last year he would have run out of bounds, this year he fakes like he's headed for the sideline, then jukes a guy and stiff-arms another.  Nice work, Bush.

4)  I doubt the Chicago Bears will play well enough every week to beat the Colts.  My feeling is Da Bears are a .500 team this year.  Of course, it could turn out that Indy is a .500 team this year too, in which case Chicago probably could play well enough every week to beat them.

5)  My current Top 5: Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants.

6)  Dante Rosario is an amazing talent.  The way he caught that game-winning touchdown pass and simultaneously ripped the hearts out of the San Diego Charger fanbase was a sight to behold.  No wonder he's such a big NFL name with those huge Gatorade and Nike contracts.  Bonus: Jake Delhomme's pump fake was so effective it juked at least 2 camera operators.

7)  Jillian Reynolds (the FOX weather girl) looked hotter on Sunday than she did all of last season.  She was clad in a cheetah print top and tight black skirt.  Stephania Bell (the ESPN physical therapist) looked cute but too buttoned up.  Show some cleavage, honey ... it's the NFL!

8)  This was a big week for first time starters.  Matt Ryan, Matt Forte, Joe Flacco, Aaron Rodgers, Tracy Porter ... all won games this weekend in their first NFL starts.

9)  Fantasy tip: My gambit of playing whatever defense faces the 49ers pays off.  Huge fantasy points for the Arizona Cardinals defense?!  That 49er offense is horrible.  On the weeks I don't play the 49ers' opposing defense, I will play the Raiders' opposing defense.

10)  Regarding the Favre/Packers situation that took place over the summer.  I back the Green Bay Packers.  An employee who almost quits two years in a row, then finally quits in the third year, is not an employee I want working for me.  However, I'm not unsympathetic to Favre's perspective, I just think he handled it badly.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints finally opened a season at home and did so in style with an important win over a division rival.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 8.  Number of tackles attributed to Scott Fujita, who also clinched victory by grabbing a game ending interception.

3)  Dear Tracy Porter, Sedrick Ellis, Jonathan Vilma, and Randall Gay, you are my heroes.  You add quality talent to the Saints defense.  After playing together for a few more games, I see no reason why you can't help the Saints have a top 10 defense this season.  Will Smith, Charles Grant, Roman Harper, Mike McKenzie, Scott Fujita, you got the help you needed last year, make it count this year.

- crocoPuffs


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