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Blog Entry NFL Week 2 Notes: 2008
September 16, 2008  10:39 PM

Week 2 notes on the National Football League

1)  The San Diego Chargers find yet another way to lose a game by way of bizarre circumstance.  It's easy to blame the refs for the chargers loss, and it's warranted, because the Chargers almost certainly win that game if the call is made correctly.  But ... it's the Chargers defense that lost the game.  When the bad call occurred, San Diego was leading by a touchdown, they were winning the game.  Winning, until the defense gave up a touchdown and 2-point conversion.  Not to mention the Broncos other 70 yards on that drive before the bad call.  Not to mention the other 31 points Denver scored.  By the way, I love Shanahan's call to go for two.

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Lilly of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.  When I decided to investigate the Dolphins' cheerleaders, I was excited by the prospect of looking at what would surely be the hottest 25 chicks in the NFL.  I mean, it's Miami, right?  Isn't Miami renowned for housing the most awesome hotties in the nation?  Don't they spend all their time on the beach in thongs and in clubs in wet t-shirts?  I must say, I was bit underwhelmed.  Sure, the crew as a whole is much hotter than say, the Buffalo Jills, but not necessarily the hottest of the hot as I expected.  Except for Lilly.  She is definetly the hottest of the hot.  This blonde beauty is originally from Michigan and currently living in Awesomeville.

3)  The New Orleans Saints lost to the Washington Redskins.  Pathetic.  I'm usually not big on excuses, but injuries are the reason they lost this game.  Yeah yeah, I know, injuries are part of the NFL and every team deals with them.  It's true.  It's also true that sometimes those injuries cause teams to lose.  This is one of those times.

More to the point, the Saints offense needs to play better.  They were simply not productive enough.  Even with injuries to Colston and McAllister, the offense needs to be much more productive that it was this week.

4)  Is it time yet for the Browns to put Brady Quinn into a game?  Derek Anderson, who had a great run last year, is showing nothing this year (QB rating of 57.1 after 2 games), and the Browns are going nowhere.  Quinn has a a year-plus of clipboard holding under his belt.  Get him in there and see if he can spice up that offense.  Jamal Lewis is running well, don't waste his efforts.  And Quinn at least would make the team more interesteing for fans.

5)  Every week that Aaron Rodgers wins and looks good doing it is a week the 49ers second guess themselves and their draft pick of Alex Smith.

6)  My current Top 6: Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Buffalo Bills.

7)  Reggie Bush really needs to stop taunting opponents.  Particularly when he's in the middle of a close game.  Particularly when he's not having a great offensive day.  And particularly when it makes him look foolish, amateurish, and unprofessional, which is what happens every time he does that horseshit.

8)  Trying to put the game away with a 4 point lead, Dallas needed to convert a 3rd and 3 in the fourth quarter.  Tony Romo's pass missed wide-open Marion Barber.  ESPN shows Romo walking off the field, with a shit-eating grin on his face.  If this was any other quarterback, the commentators would have been all over his shit, talking about how he "doesn't get it", how missing a wide open target is no time for smiling.  But no, not for golden boy Romo, not for the celebrity quarterback darling.  The didn't even mention it.

9)  Fantasy tip: Forget about the old guard, go with the youth brigade.  Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, Greg Jennings, Jay Cutler, Calvin Johnson, Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Phillip Rivers.  These kids are carving up the NFL.

10)  In the fourth quarter of the 49ers/Seahawks game, with the 49ers down by 3 points and facing 2nd and 1, J.T. O'Sullivan steps on his own foot and hits the deck.  Sack.  The FOX announcer then proceeds to credit the center for stepping on his foot and tripping him up.  Nobody stepped in O'Sullivan's foot except O'Sullivan.  Luckily for him, he converted the 3rd and 8 by scrambling for a first down, and ultimately won the game in overtime.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints really need to get healthy on defense.  I haven't seen this many muscles pulled since my last visit to the chicken ranch.  Ha!  I kill me!

2)  Saints stat of the week: 100.  Percentage improvement in the number of wins in the first quarter of the season compared to last year.

3)  Since I'm in excuse-making mode, let's talk about the heat.  It was 95 degrees with a heat index over 100 at FedEx Field.  Yes, the Redskins were playing in the same heat, but the Saints wore black jerseys, while the Redskins wore white.  I'm just saying ... you try gearing up in NFL equipment and wearing a black jersey in 100 degrees for 3 hours and see how well you perform!

- crocoPuffs


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