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Blog Entry NFL Week 7 Notes: 2008
October 22, 2008  8:33 PM

Week 7 notes on the National Football League

1)  There's a rumor that Brett Favre conversed with Detroit Lions coaches and gave up all the "secrets" to the Packers offense.  Considering the Lions lost that game 48-25 I guess the info wasn't very helpful.  If the (speculative) story is true, then Favre is a dick; not cool at all.  If it's false, then who benefits from making up such a story and getting it to the public?  The Packers, that's who.  It paints the Packers as the victim and turns all the Favre-fans back into Packers-fans.

Whether or not the story is true, Favre is turning into That Guy whom controversy follows, which is disturbing, because if it continues, his legacy could get tarnished.

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Rachel of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.  She has kind of a Mariah Carey vibe about her.  As far as vibes go, that's not bad.

3)  The New Orleans Saints got busted up by the Carolina Panthers.  What a tough game to swallow.  The Panthers just flat out dominated them, worst loss of the season for the Saints.

The Saints' offense looked terrible after Bush left with his knee injury.  The question is, will it look terrible the next 4-5 weeks while Bush is out, or did it look terrible only in that game because they had gameplanned for Reggie and will now be able to gameplan without Reggie?  Last year they played 4 games without Bush, and their yards per game and scoring per game went up; I expect they'll be okay without Bush.

4)  Congratulations Sebastian Janikowski, you kicked the longest field goal in Raiders history and it was a game winner to boot.  And it means that much more because of the special season the Raiders are having.  I guess when the coaching staff is determined for a guy to break a record, there's no stopping them.

5)  Over the last 2 weeks Dallas went from consensus Superbowl team to might-miss-the-playoffs, and St Louis went from worst team in the league to possible NFC West contender.  It's a crazy thing, this "parity."

6)  I'm standing by last week's death knell for the Patriots.  I believe they're not going to do anything important this year.  Sure, they beat Denver, but Denver's defense is ridiculously bad.

7)  My current Top 7: Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills.

8)  Drew Brees got some love from the national media as the FOX pre-game show aired an extended segment on him.  He had a sub-par game against the Panthers, but I know he's licking his chops to face that porous San Diego defense.

9)  Fantasy tip: If you own LaDainian Tomlinson, go ahead and trade him.  I did.  I picked up Larry Fitzgerald in his place.  Considering I'm in a keeper league and Fitzgerald has another good 3 or 4 years, while Tomlinson probably only has 1 or 2, I'm happy with that.  And I traded LT to a huge Chargers fan, so he's happy too.

10)  The Saints play the San Diego Chargers in London this week and I think the Saints win this game.  I'm getting a vibe that they're gonna win it.  Drew Brees is facing his old team for the first time, the Saints were embarrassed by the Panthers and are looking to redeem themselves, the Chargers pass defense is terrible and Brees is having a record-book year.  I think the Saints take this game.  And where does that leave the Chargers?  They'll be 3-5, not good.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  The Saints got killed by the Panthers.  The first half was an entertaining, hard fought game, but the second half turned into a rout.

2)  Saints stat of the week: #1.  Saints have the #1 offense in the league with 402 yards per game.

3)  Colston is a perfect example of how playing in games is very different from playing in practice.  He said all week that he was ready to play, then laid an egg in the game.  I counted 4 passes thrown his way, two of them bounced off his hands, one was very close to being intercepted, and one was intercepted.  I imagine he'll shake the rust off and be fine.

4)  Master Chief and Optimus Prime are Saints fans.

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