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Blog Entry NFL Week 9 Notes: 2008
November 7, 2008  10:18 PM

Week 9 notes on the National Football League

1)  The first game of week 10 has already been played and here I am posting my week 9 notes.  Sue me.  I was out of town again and only watched a little football last weekend.  So ... Brett Favre threw his 300th interception, the first NFL QB to do so.  Makes me wonder which QB has been sacked the most times in NFL history, or which RB has the most fumbles, which WR has the most dropped passes?

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Sarah of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals.  Sarah is a high school english teacher.  Let the fantasies begin.

3)  The New Orleans Saints were on their bye week, so I have nothing to report other than my prediction that they will beat the Atlanta Falcons this weekend.  Atlanta's a great run team, but the Saints have shown the ability to shut down good running games (Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore) this year (just like last year).  And the Falcons won't be able to defend the Saints passing attack very well.

4)  Congratulations Redskins fans!  You allowed Steelers fans to fill your house on Monday Night Football and cheer loud enough to force the Redskins into a silent count.  That is a trend-setting approach to supporting your team.

5)  My current Top 5: New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals.  That's right, the Cardinals, their offense is lights out and their defense is respectable.

6)  The latest physiological science says stretching before you engage in physical activity is actually harmful.  I encourage you to click that link and read the article.  Muscles lose as much as 30% of their strength through static stretching, according to studies.  Are NFL players and teams aware of this?  Seems like every pre-game routine includes dudes doing static stretches, even with trainers helping them stretch by pushing against a leg for 30 seconds, or twisting a torso into a pretzel.

7)  I guess the Oakland Raiders have decided to take an eternal cigarette break.  They managed all of 77 yards for the entire game.  Around the league, 10 running backs and 18 receivers had more than 77 yards in week 9.  Pathetic.

8)  I suspect Saints Will Smith, Charles Grant, and Deuce McAllister will lose their appeal to the league and will in fact be suspended for 4 games each.  Grant is now out for the season on IR, so he can serve his suspension while he's out, but he needs to drop his appeal and take the suspension before the season ends.

9)  Fantasy tip: This has been a not-as-fun-as-usual season for fantasy football.  Nobody is reliable anymore.  Every week your stud players are liable to stink while no-name players gobble stats.  Makes it very frustrating to set a competitive weekly lineup.  My team fluctuates wildly one week to the next.  So just do your best, play the match-ups, pick up hot players off the waiver wire.

10)  The top 5 passing teams are a combined 22-19.  The top 5 rushing teams are a combined 31-10.  The top 5 passing defenses are a combined 26-14.  The top 5 rushing defenses are a combined 26-15.  Based on that, the best team in the league should have a very strong running game, and strong all-around defense.  The only team who is in the top 5 of rushing offense, rushing defense, and passing defense: the Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens might be a team to watch the rest of the way, their problem is they are 26th in passing offense.  If they could get into the top half of the league in passing offense, they would be incredible.  They have a tough schedule coming up (Steelers, Redskins, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys) but if they make the playoffs they could be very dangerous.

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