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Blog Entry NFL Notes: Divisional playoffs 2008
January 15, 2009  11:13 AM

Divisional playoffs notes on the National Football League

1)  Really?  The NFC championship game is the Cardinals vs. the Eagles?  Could I care any less about those teams or that game?  No, I couldn't.  Neither team is very likable, which ensures I'll be rooting for whoever comes out of the AFC.  And neither team is dominant, which ensures they will lose in the Super Bowl to whoever comes out of the AFC.

2)  The New Orleans Saints hired Gregg Williams to be their new defensive coordinator.  This is a good move.  Williams's defense next season certainly can't be worse than what the Saints had the last two seasons.  Can it?  Williams is a well-respected defensive coach who has built tough defenses in the past.  This is good.

3)  Belated congratulations to the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Bucs, and New England Patriots!  You either choked your way out of the playoffs (Cowboys, Broncos, Bucs), or you were a good team but because of your tough division, you didn't make the playoffs with an 11-5 record (Patriots).  Excellent!

4)  In the AFC, the Ravens-Steelers game should be a ripper.  These are two tough football teams, both with great defenses, who hate each other.  This game will be better than the Super Bowl.  This game IS the super Bowl, really.  Whoever wins this game wins the Super Bowl.  Bet on it.

5)  The divisional playoff games made a case for not wanting that bye week.  Three of the four teams who had the bye week lost at home.  Seems like having that week off does indeed break the rhythm of the season.

6)  I guess the NFC South may not have been all I cracked it up to be.  Tampa Bay played their way out of a playoff spot, and Atlanta and Carolina both lost in their first playoff game.  And of course, the Saints were eliminated somewhere around week 14 or 15.  It was a hell of a regular season, though.

7)  My early prediction for next year's NFC South standings (subject to change after free agency and the draft). Saints 11-5
Falcons 10-6
Bucs 8-8
Panthers 7-9

8)  We should all be Detroit Lions fans.  The Lions organization and no-win season is a reflection of America.  Economy trashed, housing market sucks, job market sucks, stuck in a painful war, but we fired the hated president and have a new president coming in who will fix everything!  Right?  Sound familiar, Lions fans?  Rooting for the Lions now is like rooting for America!  So be a patriot and cheer for those Lions!

- crocoPuffs


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