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Blog Entry Super Bowl Notes - XLIII
February 4, 2009  12:45 AM

National Football League notes, Super Bowl XLIII edition.

1)  Greatest Super Bowl ever?  Maybe, but probably not (I'll take Giants over Bills, Rams over Titans, and Giants over Patriots).  Greatest 4th quarter in a Super Bowl ever?  No, I don't think so.  How soon we forget last year's 4th quarter in which the lead changed hands 3 times and the Giants won the game on their touchdown with 35 seconds remaining (hmm, deja vu?).  Not to mention the Patriots undefeated season was on the line.  No, for my money, last year's Super Bowl 4th quarter was better.

2)  Cheerleader of the year!  From all the way back in week 2, here's Lilly of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.  For me, she epitomizes that all-american look: blond hair, pretty face, nice rack.  The NFL could do worse than hold her up as a symbol of American football.

3)  Two years in a row we got an American Idol alum singing the national anthem.  Last year Jordin Sparks, this year Jennifer Hudson.  Who will it be next year, Fantasia Barrino?

4)  James Harrison definitely had one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history with his interception and 100 yard runback for touchdown.  It's a play that will be talked about a lot, deservedly so.

5)  There was a certain inevitability about this game.  Going in, I knew Pittsburgh would win.  In the first 3 quarters, Arizona showed little sign that they could provide much of a challenge.  Indeed, the Steelers scored points in all four quarters of the game and were leading 20-7 in the fourth quarter.

It was the fourth quarter when Arizona finally did something and managed to take the lead, but even then, right after the 64 yard TD by Larry Fitzgerald I turned to crocoWife and said Pittsburgh would still win.  I think that's one reason this is not the greatest Super Bowl ever, the favored team won the game.  No surprises there.

6)  In a rant almost verbatim from last year ... nowhere near enough cheerleaders shown during this game.  Actually, there were NO cheerleaders shown during this game.  The only times I saw cheerleaders were in the background of shots of players or coaches.  Where were the cheerleaders!?  They can't fit 4-5 cheerleader shots into a 4-hour game?  Pathetic.  I'm beginning to think this is mandated by the NFL.  For some half-witted reason they don't want to have any "sexy" connotation in the most-watched game of the year.  Patently ridiculous.  Who doesn't like a little T&A with their football?

7)  Larry Fitzgerald broke out in a big way during this postseason.  He had 127 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Super Bowl and now holds records for most yards, most receptions, and most touchdowns by a receiver in a single postseason.  He's now a megastar football player.

8)  I don't want to overlook Santonio Holmes, who had 131 yards, a touchdown, and won the MVP award.  With all the great receivers on the field (Fitzgerald, Hines Ward, Anquan Boldin), Holmes was not in anyone's shadow.  He was the go-to guy on Pittsburgh's final scoring drive and made a tremendous, toe-dragging, arm-stretching, sideline-kissing touchdown catch to win the game.

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy Crap!  Only 6 months until training camp!  Geaux Saints!

2)  The Saints went after Gregg Williams hard.  They wanted him to run their defense and made no bones about it.  I applaud the way the Saints go after the things they really want (Drew Brees being exhibit A).

3)  The Saints offseason priorities should be to re-sign Jonathan Vilma, re-sign Lance Moore, acquire a stud free safety, and implement a kick-ass Gregg Williams defense.

- crocoPuffs


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