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Blog Entry Boycott Transformers 2
June 25, 2009  2:34 PM

Is a boycott in order for Transformers 2?  We know this is not a good movie.  We've seen the first movie, we've seen the trailers, we're aware of Michael Bay's reputation, and the reviews are in.  We know robots will battle, things will explode, the story will be insignificant, the character depth as deep as Megan Fox's shorts are long.  After seeing the film we will bash the absurdity of the plot, the pointlessly over-the-top action, and the ridiculously long running time.

If we want smarter movies.  If we want action films with characters we care about.  If we want a general improvement in summer movie-going ... we should not buy tickets to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  Hollywood believes we are sheep.  They believe we will empty our wallets for any big-budget grand spectacle they put on screens.  We could prove them wrong.  We could send them the message that we're tired of it.  We already showed them how much we liked Star Trek, that was the first shoe dropping.  The second shoe drop can be our dislike for Transformers 2.

The only way to send that message is to not see the movie.  If you pay for a ticket, or buy the DVD, or rent the DVD, or watch it on a streaming service, or download it through iTunes, you are telling Hollywood you want more of the same.  Voicing your displeasure on the internet after the fact will not stop these noisy, brainless films from being made.  Hollywood does not care about what you think; they care about what you will pay for.

I know I'm not the first to suggest a boycott of a film for the sake of sending a message to filmmakers.  I'm not trying to be original.  I'm trying to encourage you to consider it.  Honestly, if you don't see this film, what's the cost to you?  Are you really going to miss out on something?  Is your life going to be less fulfilled?  Give it some thought.  And if you see me in the back row of a Transformers 2 screening, tell no one.

- crocoPuffs


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