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Blog Entry NFL Week 2 Notes: 2010
September 23, 2010  2:35 AM

Week 2 notes on the National Football League

1)  I feel pretty good about my week 1 notes with the exception of saying I would change my pick of the Jets to win the AFC East. The Jets handed the Patriots a loss and may be able to win the division after all. Of course, the Patriots could still win it too. Or maybe the Dolphins. Pretty sure the Bills won't win that division. I think.

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Nicole of the Seattle Sea Gals.  Nicole is a sultry, raven-haired beauty in her fifth year as a cheerleader for the Seahawks.

3)  The New Orleans Saints squeaked by the San Francisco 49ers on a last second (deflected) field goal.  That game was much tougher than I expected.  So far it's proving to be true what they say about the defending Super Bowl champ.  Every team they face wants a piece of them. Every team wants to prove something.  Both Saints games this season have felt like playoff games in intensity and I expect the Falcons game this week to be the same.

4)  Can the Cleveland Browns win a game this year? Buffalo, St. Louis, and Cleveland are the candidates for a perfect season this year. All losses.

5)  My Top 5: New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens.

Cowboys/Texans is a very interesting game. Saints/Falcons is a big game; an epic battle for the NFC South. Likewise, Bears/Packers will be in a battle for the NFC North on Monday night. Jets/Dolphins is another game with a lot of meaning for their division.

6)  The NFC East is up for grabs this year. The Eagles are making their move by starting Mike Vick at QB, but they won't be able to win that division unless they tighten up their defense. They've given up 59 points, worst in the league.

The Redskins are a surprise.  The firm of Shanahan, Shanahan, and Haslett have improved their play greatly over the Zorn years. They need to find a way to run the ball effectively, but they're doing well so far. And poor Jason Campbell. He landed in Oakland and got benched in the second game. I always thought Campbell was similar to Aaron Brooks, and now they may share the same fate: death by Raiders.

7)  Hey, look out NFL!  The Oakland Raiders won their game and are threatening to make a move in the AFC West!  Oh, what's that?  They beat the Rams, you say?  By 2 points?  Okay, never mind.

8)  Do the Cowboys and Vikings know that you can't win the Super Bowl unless you first qualify for the playoffs?  Dallas could easily lose their upcoming game against Houston and be 0-3.  If that happens, I wonder if Wade Phillips will last the season. Dallas should have spent the off-season studying film and playbooks instead of studying their press clippings.

9)  Fantasy tip: If you drafted Ryan Mathews, don't trade or drop him yet unless you're absolutely desperate. There's a lot of season left, and he'll get on track before you know it.

10)  Hopefully the Manning brothers will never play each other again.  Nobody other than Archie Manning actually cares about these so-called "Manning Bowls," but the media loves to play that brother vs. brother angle.

Fearless Prediction: Stone-cold lock!

Saints 24, Falcons 23

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  Garrett Hartley is a hero again!  After missing 2 field goals last week, he launched 3 successful kicks through the uprights, including a game-winner as time expired.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 2.  Number of seasons in a row the Saints have started 2-0. First time in franchise history they have done that.

3)  Drew Brees is again leading the league in completion percentage (74.3%). He set an NFL record last year (70.6%), and I can envision him breaking his own record this year.

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