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Blog Entry NFL Week 11 Notes: 2010
November 23, 2010  1:12 AM

Week 11 notes on the National Football League

1)  Stating the obvious: Richard Seymour deserved to get ejected. You can't just palm-strike guys in the head because you feel frustrated or can't handle a little shit-talking. However, what was up with Roethlisberger hitting the deck like a sack of potatoes? Either that was a Vlade Divac style acting job, or Big Ben is kind of a pussy. The Raiders had to be supremely disappointed with the outcome of that game. Well, maybe that's what happens when Tom Cable (who?) is your coach.

2)  Cheerleader of the week: Alyssa of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders. Alyssa loves to eat chocolate chip cookies and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

3)  The New Orleans Saints crushed the Seattle Seahawks. Puts the Saints on a 3-game winning streak and they've won 4 of their last 5. Two Dat!

4)  I don't know what it is about the Packers, but they just don't impress me. If I'm a Saint, I wouldn't be scared to face them in the playoffs. They win games, but they've been against mediocre opponents. And their stats aren't very impressive. In fact, bring on the Packers, the Saints would crush them!

5)  My Top 5: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens.

6)  Those wacky Jets keep finding ways to win games, no matter how much they may deserve to lose them.

7)  Garrett Hartley misses another kick. What is it with this kid and 20-something yard field goals? Every Saints field goal now is an adventure. They need to work hard and ensure the games are never close enough to require a Hartley game-winner.

8)  The Raiders and 49ers combined to score 3 points. Way to go, Bay Area! That's some kind of football you're playing.

9)  Fantasy tip: Do your own research and trust yourself to make the right decisions. Otherwise you'll find yourself starting Vernon Davis (1 pt) instead of Steve Breaston (14 pts) on the advice of the "experts."

10)  The NFC South is the best division in the NFL. Three NFC South teams are going to make the playoffs.

Fearless Prediction: Stone-cold lock!

Saints 38, Cowboys 21

Bonus! New Orleans Saints notes!

1)  Holy crap!  Jimmy Graham played his first significant game, with 5 catches, 72 yards. That kid is the future at TE for the Saints.

2)  Saints stat of the week: 73.  The Saints 3rd down conversion percentage against the Seahawks. That's a sick number, and the Saints lead the league with a 50% conversion percentage.

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