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Feature The Hulk does not look like Shrek
He looks like the Hulk.
June 8, 2003
Get over yourselves already.  Ever since the first peek at the Hulk appeared in trailers and commercials, I've heard nothing but how fake Hulk looks, or will look, from all corners of the globe: print media, television, internet, talking to people in person (a lost art).  The popular thing to say nowadays is that "the Hulk looks like Shrek."  I have to ask why, why does he look like Shrek to you?  Because he's large and green?  He DOES NOT LOOK LIKE SHREK.  If what you mean to say is that he looks fake or cartoonish, fine, then say that.  But don't say he "looks like Shrek", he doesn't.  The next person to say it to me gets a wraparound ninja elbow to the jaw.

All this from people who haven't even seen the damn movie!  It's not in theatres yet, but somehow these jackasses all seem to know exactly what Hulk looks like, moves like, acts like.  Apparently their powers of perception are much stronger than everyone else's who saw the same trailer they saw.

I hate the people who jump on the bandwagon with things like this.  It's just like with the movie Titanic.  Remember that movie?  The one that holds the record for all-time box office, and swept the Academy awards that year?  Well, at some point since then it became popular to talk about Titanic as if it's the worst movie ever projected on a screen.  Oh, look how cool you are, you think Titanic sucks, wow, you are uber-cool!  Don't be a Jackass.  Titanic is a very good film, it deserved the box office, and it deserved the awards.  By the way, if it sucks so bad, why did you take your girlfriend to see it 3 times?  What, you thought you were going to get laid?  Nice try, rookie!

I think it's best to just be honest with yourself about these things.  If you like something, don't be embarrassed that you like it just because other people don't like it -- and vice versa.  Personally, I'll be waiting to see the final version of Hulk in a movie theatre before I decide what looks fake and what doesn't.

And on the grammar front.  It's "I couldn't care less," not "I could care less."  People are morons.

- crocoPuffs


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