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Feature Killers are killers
DNA evidence reveals that guilty men are, in fact, guilty.
January 26, 2006
Hey, whaddya know!  A convicted criminal, who claimed to be innocent, was lying!  What a shock!

I wonder what this means to the folks who were screaming his innocence at the top of their voices.  Seriously.  I want to know how they feel now.  I mean, they've been exposed as having fraudulent beliefs.  Do they simply shrug their shoulders and say, "oh well, we'll get 'em next time."  They were so sure, so smug in their beliefs, so positive that this convicted killer would be shown innocent by the DNA test.  Yet they were so wrong.  Even the motherfucking Pope tried to block the execution.  Nice try, rookies!

CNN reports:

"James McCloskey, executive director of Centurion Ministries, had been fighting to prove Coleman's innocence since 1988.  The two shared Coleman's final meal together -- cold slices of pizza -- just a few hours before Coleman was executed.

"'I now know that I was wrong.  Indeed, this is a bitter pill to swallow,' McCloskey said in a statement, describing Thursday's findings as 'a kick in the stomach.'"

That's it?  After damn near two decades of attempting to prove this guy's innocence, of believing he was wrongly executed, of feeling the system was broken, all he can say is, "this is a bitter pill to swallow?"  Well, at least he's well-adjusted.  He's clearly not flying off the handle with suicidal thoughts over this.

Hey, guess what!  All the fucking prisoners are guilty.  And all the criminals on death row are guilty too.  Foolish death penalty opponents would have you believe that half of all convicted criminals are not guilty.  But why do they think that?  Because the criminals said so?  Because when asked, they say they didn't do it?  Raise your hand if you're not surprised to learn that criminals are liars.  Ah, ah, ah ... not so fast, death penalty opponents.  Morons.

Look, I don't enjoy always being right, but goddammit, I can't help it, I am!  People need to listen to me!  Fucking pay attention, I'm ALWAYS right!  I don't enjoy pointing out to others how wrong they are, but dammit, I can't help it, I have to!  I can't condone ignorance nor incompetence.  Motherfuckers need to get their shit together!

Case in point, listen to this guy:

"'Obviously, one case does not in any way reflect on the correctness of the other 1,000 executions we've had in the last 30 years,' said Peter Neufeld, co-founder of the Innocence Project."

He is correct, it does not reflect on the other 1,000.  But you can bet your ass he wouldn't be saying that if the DNA results had shown the guy to be innocent.  Oh, hell no!  He'd be all up in your face, yelling about how this one case proves the system is broken, how we've been executing innocent men all these years.  Oh, the horrors!

Here's a question.  What about all the Virginia taxpayers' money that went into the re-investigation and re-testing of the DNA?  It was McCloskey's Centurion Ministries who demanded the case be re-opened for further testing, let's give him the bill.

- crocoPuffs


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