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Feature Stop making cookie cutter video games
No more stealth or WWII games, please.
July 5, 2003
What's with the video game industry's obsession with stealth based games?  Early on there was Thief, and Metal Gear Solid, fine, those are decent games, but lately there has been an explosion of stealth games, and only one or two of them are really any good.  This industry is becoming more and more like Hollywood every year.  Found a formula that worked once?  Great, repeat it over and over in game after game until gamers become numb.  It's so bad now that they even include "stealth elements" into games that would otherwise be perfectly fine without the "cool" gameplay that apparently comes with it.  The Hulk game is a perfect example.  What sense does it make to put stealth based levels in a game about The Hulk.  When you think "Hulk", do you think "sneak around quietly and undetected?"  Hell, no!  You think "smash shit to smithereens, punch buildings, and pummel puny humans!"  Zelda: Wind Waker is another example where you hide under barrels and avoid searchlights, for starters, in a game that is part of a series that had never included - or needed - stealth elements.

It's not just stealth games either, vigilante games became the rage after Max Payne, first-person shooters after Doom, Quake, and Half-life, simulation football games after Madden, etc.  Am I the only person who remembers when game developers would concentrate on making new and original games?  When did the shift of focus take place from exciting originals to boring knock-offs?  If I was a game developer, I wouldn't want to make a game that somebody else already made, I'd want to create something new that I could put my own stamp on.  I can hear you out there saying, "there are no original ideas left, every possible type of game has been made."  That's bullshit, Grand Theft Auto III was original, Advance Wars was original, Super Monkey Ball was original, Pikmin was original, Animal Crossing was original.  All those games are roughly 2 years old.  They may not be original from the ground up, but they have enough originality to make them feel like games that you've never played before.  Again, just like movies; good movies are not 100% original, but they incorporate enough originality that it feels like a movie you haven't seen before.

So, what's the point?  The point is, if you work in the gaming industry, don't ever agree to make a half-assed game.  Nobody wants to play it.  Come up with a new idea, a twist on an old idea, something, anything, as long as you don't give me stealth levels in a Hulk game, or yet another shitty Superman game.

- crocoPuffs


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