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Action & Adventure films ordered by rank.
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  Batman Begins A  
  LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring A  
  Pirates of the Caribbean A  
  Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Adaptation A  
  Speed A  
  LOTR: The Return of the King B+  
  Blade II B  
  The Bourne Supremacy B  
  Die Another Day B  
  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull B  
  LOTR: The Two Towers B  
  The Bourne Identity C+  
  Cloverfield C+  
  The Last Castle C+  
  The Scorpion King C+  
  Behind Enemy Lines C  
  Collateral Damage C  
  War of the Worlds C  
  xXx C  
  Lethal Weapon 4 D+  
  Torque D+  
  Armageddon D  
  Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle D  
  The Fast and the Furious D  
  The Hunted D  
  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen D  
  The Mummy Returns D  
  Timeline D  
  Wild Wild West D  
  Battlefield Earth F  
  The 13th Warrior F  
  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World F-  
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