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  Bugsy Malone A+  
  JFK A+  
  L.A. Confidential A+  
  American Beauty A  
  Batman Begins A  
  A Beautiful Mind A  
  The Blair Witch Project A  
  Chicago A  
  Election A  
  Fargo A  
  A Few Good Men A  
  Gangs of New York A  
  The Incredibles A  
  LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring A  
  Meet the Parents A  
  Men in Black A  
  Million Dollar Baby A  
  Mr. Mom A  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street A  
  Out of Sight A  
  Owning Mahowny A  
  Pirates of the Caribbean A  
  Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Adaptation A  
  Ray A  
  The Ring A  
  Rudy A  
  Saving Private Ryan A  
  Showgirls A  
  Sin City A  
  The Sixth Sense A  
  Stripes A  
  South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut A  
  Speed A  
  Spider-Man 2 A  
  WarGames A  
  Almost Famous B+  
  Artificial Intelligence: AI B+  
  The Aviator B+  
  Blow B+  
  Catch Me If You Can B+  
  The Departed B+  
  The Emperor's Club B+  
  Eyes Wide Shut B+  
  Fahrenheit 9/11 B+  
  Fight Club B+  
  Harry Potter 2 B+  
  I Spy B+  
  Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back B+  
  LOTR: The Return of the King B+  
  The Man Who Wasn't There B+  
  Mean Girls B+  
  Memento B+  
  Mulholland Dr. B+  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 B+  
  Ocean's Eleven B+  
  Open Water B+  
  Pleasantville B+  
  Private Benjamin B+  
  Requiem for a Dream B+  
  Road to Perdition B+  
  Rock Star B+  
  Rocky II B+  
  Rocky III B+  
  Shallow Hal B+  
  The Truman Show B+  
  Unbreakable B+  
  About Schmidt B  
  Adaptation. B  
  American History X B  
  American Psycho B  
  Austin Powers in Goldmember B  
  Bartleby B  
  Black Hawk Down B  
  Blade II B  
  Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 B  
  The Bourne Supremacy B  
  Bowling for Columbine B  
  Carlito's Way B  
  Cast Away B  
  Changing Lanes B  
  A Civil Action B  
  Collateral B  
  Dawn of the Dead B  
  Deep Impact B  
  Die Another Day B  
  Erin Brockovich B  
  The Girl Next Door B  
  Harry Potter B  
  Harry Potter 3 B  
  House of Sand and Fog B  
  How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days B  
  Hulk B  
  In The Bedroom B  
  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull B  
  Insomnia B  
  Interview with the Assassin B  
  The King of Comedy B  
  Kinsey B  
  The Ladykillers B  
  LOTR: The Two Towers B  
  Man on the Moon B  
  The Matrix B  
  Minority Report B  
  Monsters, Inc. B  
  Mr. Deeds B  
  Mystic River B  
  Ocean's Twelve B  
  One Hour Photo B  
  Panic Room B  
  The Passion of the Christ B  
  Piranha 3D B  
  Punch-Drunk Love B  
  Red Dragon B  
  Ringu B  
  The Royal Tenenbaums B  
  Saw B  
  Shrek B  
  Sideways B  
  Spartan B  
  Spider-Man B  
  The Station Agent B  
  Super Size Me B  
  Three Kings B  
  The Toy B  
  Traffic B  
  X-Men B  
  The Bourne Identity C+  
  Brotherhood of the Wolf C+  
  Cloverfield C+  
  Daredevil C+  
  Drumline C+  
  8 Mile C+  
  The Evil Dead C+  
  Freddy vs. Jason C+  
  Gosford Park C+  
  Hannibal C+  
  Ice Age C+  
  Jackass: The Movie C+  
  The Last Castle C+  
  Like Mike C+  
  Little Nicky C+  
  My Big Fat Greek Wedding C+  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 C+  
  The Recruit C+  
  Scooby Doo C+  
  The Scorpion King C+  
  Signs C+  
  Thir13en Ghosts C+  
  Treasure Planet C+  
  We Were Soldiers C+  
  Ali C  
  Army of Darkness C  
  Behind Enemy Lines C  
  Capricorn One C  
  The Cell C  
  Collateral Damage C  
  Comic Book Villains C  
  Crossroads C  
  Empire C  
  Evil Dead II C  
  From Hell C  
  Gods and Monsters C  
  Hedwig and the Angry Inch C  
  John Q C  
  K-PAX C  
  Ladder 49 C  
  Meet the Fockers C  
  Monster's Ball C  
  Old School C  
  Phone Booth C  
  The Pledge C  
  Scary Movie C  
  Shadow Of The Vampire C  
  Showtime C  
  Solaris C  
  Spellbound C  
  Spun C  
  Thirteen C  
  25th Hour C  
  War of the Worlds C  
  xXx C  
  Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy D+  
  Cabin Fever D+  
  The Deep End D+  
  Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story D+  
  Final Destination 2 D+  
  Lethal Weapon 4 D+  
  The Majestic D+  
  Runaway Bride D+  
  Stolen Summer D+  
  Torque D+  
  Vanilla Sky D+  
  American Wedding D  
  Any Given Sunday D  
  Armageddon D  
  Autumn in New York D  
  Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle D  
  Dark Blue D  
  Dark City D  
  Driven D  
  The Fast and the Furious D  
  Forces of Nature D  
  Hanging Up D  
  Hollow Man D  
  The Hot Chick D  
  The Hunted D  
  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen D  
  Malibu's Most Wanted D  
  Men in Black II D  
  The Mummy Returns D  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 D  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 D  
  A Nightmare on Elm Street 6 D  
  Simone D  
  Timeline D  
  What Planet Are You From? D  
  Wild Wild West D  
  Battlefield Earth F  
  Blues Brothers 2000 F  
  FearDotCom F  
  Hollywood Homicide F  
  Moulin Rouge! F  
  The Ring Two F  
  Scary Movie 2 F  
  The 13th Warrior F  
  Van Wilder F  
  Gang Related F-  
  Scott Pilgrim vs. the World F-  
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