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Dramatic films ordered by rank.
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  JFK A+  
  L.A. Confidential A+  
  American Beauty A  
  A Beautiful Mind A  
  Fargo A  
  A Few Good Men A  
  Gangs of New York A  
  Million Dollar Baby A  
  Ray A  
  Rudy A  
  Almost Famous B+  
  The Aviator B+  
  Blow B+  
  The Departed B+  
  The Emperor's Club B+  
  Eyes Wide Shut B+  
  The Man Who Wasn't There B+  
  Mulholland Dr. B+  
  Pleasantville B+  
  Requiem for a Dream B+  
  Road to Perdition B+  
  Rock Star B+  
  The Truman Show B+  
  About Schmidt B  
  American History X B  
  Cast Away B  
  Changing Lanes B  
  Deep Impact B  
  Erin Brockovich B  
  House of Sand and Fog B  
  In The Bedroom B  
  Kinsey B  
  Man on the Moon B  
  Mystic River B  
  The Passion of the Christ B  
  Sideways B  
  The Station Agent B  
  Three Kings B  
  Traffic B  
  Drumline C+  
  8 Mile C+  
  Gosford Park C+  
  Ali C  
  Comic Book Villains C  
  Crossroads C  
  Gods and Monsters C  
  John Q C  
  K-PAX C  
  Ladder 49 C  
  Monster's Ball C  
  The Pledge C  
  Shadow Of The Vampire C  
  Solaris C  
  Spun C  
  Thirteen C  
  25th Hour C  
  The Deep End D+  
  The Majestic D+  
  Stolen Summer D+  
  Any Given Sunday D  
  Simone D  
  Gang Related F-  
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