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Sometimes I respond to the email received from readers.  When the email relates specifically to a page, I update that page to include the email and my response.  This page is a regularly updated list of all the pages on the site containing responses to reader email (aka "fan mail").  Reader mail always appears at the bottom of the page.

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Reader Response

Date: 1/19/2005
From: Bryan Owens
Subject: Site Suggestion

Morning, man.

Dig the site. It has become a ritual for me to get to work five minutes early so I can enjoy coffee and your wit whilst I get paid for it. Your site is responsible for 25 minutes of overtime a week. You rock.

Anyway, small request if you don't mind. A soundboard for Fight Club would rock, if you could get around to it. If not, no sweat off my balls. Your site still rocks. Keep em' coming.

A big fan.

Oh, man.  That is so true!  I rock!  I rock the pants right off all the hot chicks!

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