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Movie Review Any Given Sunday
 January 12, 2001
Grade:  D
Director:  Oliver Stone Released:  December 1999
Writer:  Daniel Pyne, John Logan MPAA Rating:  R
Players:  Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx Running time:  150 minutes
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The only football movie I've ever seen that makes football look boring.  The on-field scenes are less than compelling, the "go-get-em" speeches I've heard a million times.  The players fight with each other, do drugs, and sleep with women.  oooooo ... scandal!

I like Pacino and Foxx, but they have no chance of lifting this spam out of the can.  Even the team uniform designs are bad.  This movie is just full of stupid and tired shit: I mean, a crocodile in the shower?  Is that supposed to funny?  Or perhaps it's a "slice of life" in the NFL?  Whatever.  A quarterback whose signature move is puking on the field and doing flips into the end-zone?  This thing makes me want to puke on my dvd player.

crocoWife fell asleep watching it.  What saves it from getting an F is Pacino, Foxx, and the ending, which I liked, because Pacino gets a little sweet revenge.  But, Hey!  If you're a big Elizabeth Berkeley fan, you can catch her naked in this movie.  Otherwise, skip it and watch Rudy again instead.

- crocoPuffs


Plenty of gratuitous nudity.  But, an eyeball on the field?  Puleeeease ...

AngryPirate says:   "Aarrrr!  Wenches aplenty!"


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