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Movie Review Behind Enemy Lines
 June 22, 2002
Grade:  C
Director:  John Moore Released:  November 2001
Writer:  David Veloz MPAA Rating:  PG-13
Players:  Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman Running time:  106 minutes
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Behind Enemy Lines has a couple nifty tricks up its sleeve.  Like satellite heat imagery and thrilling fighter jet flight sequences, and lots of 'splosions!  It's kind of like a blend of Top Gun and First Blood.  If this movie had been released 15 years ago, it probably would have been a big blockbuster.  As it is, it has too many elements that are retreads of other films.  I wish there was a magic wand we could wave to re-invigorate the action genre.

I liked Wilson's character, he is actually something of an original creation, a military man who is bored with the military and wants to leave.  Usually you get served up the stale version of the military man who loves the military but is a loose cannon and his superiors want to get rid of him.  The change was nice.  This material, however, is below Hackman.  He's obviously the actor you would want to play the hard-nosed officer, but Hackman should have had better sense than to take this tired role.

The script is full of dumb things for Wilson to do, so that he is continually in danger, but there are a few smart things in the script to offset those.  And I like the style of the film, Moore uses a lot of slow-down speed-up film techniques, and I like that stuff when it makes the film visually interesting, which in this case it does.

- crocoPuffs


Upholding action movie tradition, the bad guys can't hit the side of a barn with any kind of weaponry.

crocoSaurusRex says:   "Best action movie of the year!"


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