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Movie Review Driven
 April 29, 2001
Grade:  D
Director:  Renny Harlin Released:  April 2001
Writer:  Sylvester Stallone MPAA Rating:  PG-13
Players:  Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds Running time:  116 minutes
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The best thing about Driven is the gratuitous T&A at the racing events.  Beyond that, if you are late on your Trans-Am payment because you've been too busy reading Truckin magazine ... this movie's for you!

Can someone explain this logic to me, please.  Let's say you are a race car team owner (or however that shit works.  I'm not from South Carolina, so I have no idea) and you have a young driver who in his first year starts moving up the ranks and winning races.  Why in hell would you threaten to fire him if he doesn't win EVERY race.  Is that how it works?  You have to win every championship in your first year or you're in danger of losing your job?  This is ludicrous, folks, and so is the rest of the picture.

Should I even mention the horrible computer generated car crashes?  They look so fake I think I could do a better job by drawing little cars on the edge of phone book pages, then flipping the pages to create an animation effect that far surpasses the crap in this movie.

Unbelievably, Stallone is not the worst actor in the film, that honor goes to Burt Reynolds who continually shows he has no idea anymore what a good script looks like.  The last good movie he was in (Boogie Nights) he famously dissed after seeing the finished product, declaring that his career was over.  Turns out he was right, he hasn't made a good movie since.

- crocoPuffs


Manhole covers go flying as race cars drive over them.  That's just plain ignorant.

crocoCat says:   "I'd rather clean my ass than sit through this again."


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