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Movie Review Drumline
 September 6, 2003
Grade:  C+
Director:  Charles Stone III Released:  December 2002
Writer:  Tina Gordon Chism, Shawn Schepps MPAA Rating:  PG-13
Players:  Nick Cannon, Orlando Jones Running time:  118 minutes
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Drumline is a film that works from a formula but manages to avoid many of the cliches that usually accompany the formula.  The subject matter, university level marching bands, is entertaining as the boat this film rides in, yet the same story could have been applied to any number of sports.  This is basically a sports genre movie where the sport is substituted with drumming.

The big surprise is Orlando Jones.  Who'd have thunk he could play a serious role seriously.  He's tremendous as the band leader.  Which is great, because he's not very good at being funny in movies (Evolution, anyone?).

- crocoPuffs



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