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Movie Review Like Mike
 October 5, 2002
Grade:  C+
Director:  John Schultz Released:  July 2002
Writer:  Michael Elliot MPAA Rating:  PG
Players:  Lil' Bow Wow, Morris Chestnut, Crispin Glover Running time:  99 minutes
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Like Mike is a cute little movie.  Basically it's the basketball version of Rookie of the Year.  Nobody will accuse this movie of being chock full of originality, but I'll accuse it of being light-hearted fun.  The first 45 minutes and the last 15 are the most entertaining parts.  The middle drags a bit.  It was right around the paint fight scene that I started to feel dragged down, hoping for some new developments.

As far as child actors go, Lil' Bow Wow is as good as any.  He's very watchable, and he has to be.  He's in every scene.  In a movie named "Like Mike", I can't help but wonder where Micheal Jordan is.  Shouldn't he have shown up at the end to say "Kid, it was never the shoes.  It was in your heart."

- crocoPuffs


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