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Movie Review Stripes
 September 24, 2004
Grade:  A
Director:  Ivan Reitman Released:  June 1981
Writer:  Len Blum, Dan Goldberg, Harold Ramis MPAA Rating:  R
Players:  Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Warren Oates, John Candy, Sean Young, P.J. Soles, John Larroquette, Judge Reinhold Running time:  106 minutes
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The decade of the 1980s was the best decade for comedy films, no question.  And Stripes is one of the enduring standouts.  Bill Murray is the star, but for my money Harold Ramis brings as much humor as Murray, and adds some class for good measure.  I know you might be thinking many elements of Stripes are cliche, but try to remember this is one of the movies that made them cliche.  Before Stripes and Private Benjamin there were no military-comedy-movie cliches.  Those films invented them.

Quick, how many comedies can you name with a memorable soundtrack?  Whatever you came up with, add Stripes to your list.  Personally, I can't think of ANY other comedies that have such a memorable and appropriate soundtrack.  And if you know anything about movies (which you probably don't), you know a good soundtrack can really help with the mood and tone of a picture.  The militarily infused theme used in Stripes is terrific.

Now, back to the important stuff.  Like nudity.  A comedy trend in the 1980s provided gratuitous shots of naked girls' boobs or butts.  I'm pleased to report Stripes is no exception.  Except in Stripes they went farther and developed a significant plot point involving bikini-clad mud wrestlers, John Candy, and a police raid.  That's comedy gold, my friends.

What would a comedy be if not quotable?  Stripes measures up in this department too, with plenty of quotable lines.  "I'm gonna teach every last one of you how to eat, sleep, walk, talk, shoot, shit like a United States soldier!"  "No, we're not homosexual, but we are willing to learn."  "Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you."  "It's Czechoslovakia.  It's like we're going into Wisconsin."  "Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear."  And there's more ... but I ain't got time to list them all, fruitcake.  Go watch the movie!

- crocoPuffs


Lots of naked chicks in a shower scene!  And even more naked chicks in a mud wrestling scene!

The beautiful P.J. Soles is the connection between this movie and Private Benjamin.  In Private Benjamin she plays Pvt. Winter, the brown-nosing soldier.  In Stripes she plays Stella the M.P., and Murray's love interest.  Who could ever forget the kitchen gadget flirtation scene?


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