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Movie Review We Were Soldiers
 December 14, 2002
Grade:  C+
Director:  Randall Wallace Released:  March 2002
Writer:  Randall Wallace, from Harold G. Moore & Joseph L. Galloway's book MPAA Rating:  R
Players:  Mel Gibson, Barry Pepper, Madeleine Stowe Running time:  138 minutes
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Once the troops land in Vietnam this picture begins.  The twenty minutes leading up to this point are just filler ... character introductions and so forth.  But when the battle strategies start (interestingly, we get strategy from both sides, U.S. and Vietnamese) the film gets moving.  Throw in a photographer who shows up on the front lines to document the battle, and you've got a pretty good war movie.

Saving Private Ryan seems to have opened up the minds of other filmmakers in terms of how to shoot battle scenes for films.  Movies like We Were Soldiers and Black Hawk Down take the concept of hyper-real battle and run with it.  In some ways that's good, in other ways bad.  Personally, I prefer the strategical aspect to war, and We Were Soldiers delivers enough of that to make me happy.  It also delivers the emotional impact that a film basically about death, should.  It's a film for the whole family!

- crocoPuffs


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