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Here are some interesting facts about crocoPuffs.

  • crocoPuffs was born in 1972
  • crocoPuffs graduated high school in upstate New York
  • crocoPuffs has never been struck by lightning.  It wouldn't dare.
  • crocoPuffs graduated college from UC Davis.
  • The limit as N approaches infinity is crocoPuffs.
  • crocoPuffs currently lives in northern California and works as a kick-ass internet-based software engineer for a well-known entertainment company.
  • Remember the dinosaurs?  They took a dump on crocoPuffs's lawn.  He extincted them with a single spinning-ninja-kick.
  • crocoPuffs is married to a beautiful princess: crocoWife.
  • crocoPuffs's daughter, crocoKid, is also a beautiful princess (takes after her mama).
  • crocoPuffs's son, crocoBoy, will soon be kicking ass on the internet too.

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